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59 years of experience serving our clients


About Us

Our Company

Founded in 1964, we were the first accounting and taxation company to operate on the island of Madeira. Some of our customers go back to our origins.

Our History

In 1964, António Zacarias Gomes da Silva founded the first accounting and tax firm in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Filomena Gomes da Silva, the founding partner`s daughter, Certified Accountant, holder of a degree in Business Management, with a postgraduate course in Taxation, joined the project in 1979 and is the company`s director since 1990.

Our Mission

Provide our clients with all the accounting, tax and administrative support, enabling them to be 100% focused in their business, relying in our economic and financial consulting services for an accurate decision-making and definition of strategies

Quem somos


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Document organization and treatment

Accounting data processing

Tax file preparation

Analysis, control and periodic reports

Management support

Tax Consulting

Tax planning 

Studies and opinions ​

Litigation support: complaints and disputes

Management Consulting

Consulting to support management decisions

Companies’ assessment and valuation

Periodic performance analysis

Economic and financial feasibility studies

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Studies, Projects and Applications

Within the scope of Madeira`s 2014-2020 incentive schemes:

Applications to investment

and operational financial aid schemes


Preparation and submission

of payment



Within the scope of bank financing:


Consulting and support

regarding the

financial operation

Preparation of business plans

Following-up and support regarding negotiations

with banks


Accounting and tax audits

Analysis and reorganisation of internal control procedures

Diagnosis and strategic analysis

Human Resource Management

Payroll processing

Preparation and submission of income statements

Preparation and submission of the annual report to the work conditions authority

Support regarding the implementation of employment legislation requirements

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Personal Income Tax Statements (IRS)

Statements concerning the beginning, alterations and/or termination of activity

Annual income tax declarations

Emission of personal income tax (IRS) payment slips

Emission of receipts relative to self-employment / business income

Periodic VAT declarations

Social Security forms

Assistance regarding tax residence permits

Assistance regarding the Non-Habitual Residents tax regime

Administrative and Current Management Services

Invoice managing and processing for clients

Managing and processing payments and receipts for clients

General secretariat, receipt, send and forwarding mail

Support regarding the incorporation of companies and branches

Assistance regarding registries, licences and certificates

Liaising with suppliers

Data archive

Madeira`s International Business Centre (IBCM) / Free Trade Zone (FTZ)

Tax consulting regarding the special regime

Comparative analysis and quantification of tax benefits

Incorporations and redomiciliations of companies/branches and operational support



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Some of our clients have been with us since 1964

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Experience and Rigour

Long and diverse experience, adopting a spirit of true partnership with clients, based on responsibility, transparency, integrity, rigour and confidentiality.

Qualification and Training

A qualified and motivated 18-strong staff team, under ongoing training, dedicated to provide all the support to clients.

Competence and Versatility

Competence and versatility instilled by dealing with a vast portfolio of customers, both individuals and companies from the most diverse sectors, namely: agriculture; fisheries; industrial, including traditional industries such as wine production and Madeira embroidery; maritime and land transport; construction; provision of services in the most diverse areas; Social Communication; business; tourism; state business sector; holdings.



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Madeira`s International Business Centre (IBCM)

The IBCM, also known as Madeira`s Free Trade Zone, became operational in the late 1980s. Since 1990, we have provided services to companies that operate or intend to start operating within the institutional framework of this tax regime.

Non-Habitual Residents (NHR)

In 2009 Portugal instituted the NHR tax regime. Since 2014 we have been supporting individuals who, intending to establish residence in our country, choose to take advantage of the benefits provided for in this regime.

One-Stop Shop

In order to expand the scope of services provided in these areas, in 2015, we established, with other partners, the Connect Mind - Madeira Management company.

Connect Mind - Madeira Management

Company dedicated to provide services within the scope of the IBCM and to support investors, their families, staff and other foreign citizens, in their integration in Portugal, namely with regard to obtaining residence and the status of NHR.

For information about CINM or RNH contact us or check the Connect Mind website.

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Madeira, Portugal





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